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AGIERRE, which has been on the Italian and European market for years in the powder pneumatic conveying systems, stands out for the versatility of its products, as they are customized according to the Customer's specific application and process requirements while maintaining excellent quality. Thanks to the support of a Team of specialized technicians, AGIERRE guarantees the Customer constant support in the choice and development of the project most suited to their needs, proposing optimal and customized solutions.

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Installed Powder Conveying Systems

The loading of the process machines (reactors, dryers, tanks, and mixers) has always involved the handling of large quantities of powders taken from drums, bags, or big bags. This activity involves many aspects of current legislation, such as safety, ergonomics, and the work environment. Many times these operations are performed even in the presence of solvents with possible explosion hazards, forcing operators to work with the most restrictive PPE.

Agierre has developed multiple experiences related to these requirements both in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and, thanks to its wide range of products and the ability to adapt the design of its machinery to different situations, is able to offer many suitable solutions. Agierre's products satisfy all needs, from loading with vacuum transport in a nitrogen atmosphere to the gravity loading process from all types of primary packaging (bags, drums, big bags). Our Sales and Engineering department are at your disposal to offer you technical solutions mainly aimed at satisfying the end user's process requirements.


AGIERRE - Powder Handling Solutions

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